Are You Ready to Jumpstart Your Career?  

If you're a  job seeker - or  worried about potential job loss in this crazy employment market - and you want to learn all the secret job search skills, but can't afford to hire a top notch career coach then this is for you.

Hi, my name is Diane Huth, The Accidental Career Coach and if you want to find and land your dream job, I have a solution for you.

And it's completely FREE. You may have the idea that submitting your job application online means it will be read by a human being who will appreciate all you have to offer.

But nothing could be further from the truth. And you want to find or keep a good job, then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.

I encourage you to take definitive steps to disaster-proof your career and get ready for the future - starting today

Ask yourself - am I ready for a well coordinated and professional job search?

 - Is my resume top notch?
 - Do I know how to write the perfect cover letter?
 - Is my LinkedIn page optimized so recruiters will call me?
 - Do I have my elevator pitch nailed so I can give it at the drop of a hat?
 - Am I ready and confident that I have the skills to ace an interview?
 - Am I prepared to negotiate the best compensation and benefits package when I do get that  job offer?

Taking a definite action step now towards rejuvenating your career will feel empowering and healthy. 

It will help you look to the future instead of looking down at your feet mired in quicksand.

I will walk you step-by-step through every aspect of your job search readiness.  Check out what you can learn and achieve in the next 30 days.

Here's What's In The 30-Day Challenge


  • Day 1 - Overview to the Challenge - Understand the Hiring Funnel
  • ​Day 2 - It All Starts With the Resume
  • ​Day 3 - Understand the 7-second Rule
  • ​Day 4 - Create Your Career Objective - With a Twist
  • ​Day 5 - How to Showcase Your Professional Experience
  • ​Day 7 - Craft the Perfect Cover Letter


  • Day 8 - Why It's Critical to Master LinkedIn
  • ​Day 9 - LinkedIn By The Numbers
  • ​Day 10 - Getting Started With Your Free LinkedIn Profile
  • ​Day 11 - Manage Your Professional Name
  • Day 12 - Use Social Media to Jumpstart Your Career
  • Day 13 - Use Facebook to Build Your Brand
  • ​Day 14 - Leverage YouTube to Land a Job


  • Day 15 - ACE the Interview - 10 Different Kinds of Interviews
  • Day 16 - Master the Video Interview
  • ​Day 17 - Know Their Pain to Really Connect
  • ​Day 18 - Tell Me About Yourself - the 2-Minute Drill
  • ​Day 19 - Research - Your Key to Interview Success
  • ​Day 20 - Ask Smart Questions to WOW Your Interviewer
  • ​Day 21 - Master Your Elevator Pitch


  • Day 22 - Negotiate Your Job Offer Like a Pro
  • ​Day 23 - Don't Leave Salary Dollars On the Table
  • ​Day 24 - Network Like a Pro - Secrets to Success
  • ​Day 25 - 4 Ways to Create Affinity With Your Interviewer
  • ​Day 26 - Create and Exchange Business Cards
  • ​Day 27 - Tech UP! - 12 Ways to Build Your Technology Skills
  • ​Day 28 - Set Up Your Own Consulting Company


  • ​Day 29 - Embrace Your Future
  • ​Day 30 - You're On Your Way to Career Success

Each module includes today's live Facebook post, plus a detailed video walking you step-by-step through the valuable content. Plus there are lots of bonuses you will love!

PLUS - You'll Get All This Valuable BONUS Content!
  • 14-Page Career Guide and Checklist - PDF Download
  • ​Grad Career Fest Presentation - How to Craft Your Above the Fold Resume - PowerPoint Presentation
  • ​Career Objective - PowerPoint Presentation
  • ​Professional Experience - PowerPoint Presentation
  • ​8 Above the Fold Resume Formatting Templates
  • ​Craft the Perfect Cover Letter eBook - PDF Download
  • ​8 Design Templates - Choose the look and feel of a resume that showcases your personality
  • ​Master LinkedIn eBook - PDF Download
  • ​LinkedIn Cheat Sheet - PDF Download
  • ​​LinkedIn Formatting Guide - PDF Download
  • ​Brand You! to Master Your Social Media eBook - PDF Download
  • ​Ace the Interview eBook - PDF Download
  • ​2-Minute Drill Worksheet - PDF Download
  • ​Create Your Elevator Cheat Sheet - PDF Download
  • ​Negotiate Your Job Offer Like a Pro eBook - PDF Download
  • ​Tech UP! eBook - PDF Download
  • ​Set Up Your Own Consulting Company eBook - PDF Download
  • ​And More!

Check out the exciting calendar of job search resources

To help you in that process, I have put together a 30-day challenge to coach you how to reinvent your career in a new job market.

Everyday for a whole month, you wiill get access to daily career development skills and resources to make sure you are ready for finding and landing your next great job.

And it's completely FREE as my gift to you!

The 30 Days To Land Your Dream Job Challenge helps you master the skills to find and land your dream job in just 30 days.

It makes it simple for you to: 
• Learn all the insiders secrets that no one ever taught you about launching a successful job search to be able to actually find and land your dream job fast
• Master all the key job search skills and insights to be successful in your next job search
• Learn how to write a powerful resume and LinkedIn page that will get recruiters to call you
• Know how to succeed in any job interview to be the one candidate to land the job offer
• Feel confident knowing that you'll never face unexpected job loss without having the skills to find a new great job fast ...
... and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?
Now you never have to worry about being blindsided by the new online job search market, where your resume is kicked out by resume reading robots - along with 75% of all applications - before a human being ever sees it again!
Which also means you're not stuck feeling like you won't even get a chance to share your skills and expertise with someone who actually needs your help.
And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "30 Days To Land Your Dream Job Challenge" in just 30 days and it is totally FREE.

So if you're professional who wants to find or keep a good job, understand this:
• This FREE training starts right now on the first of the month 
• It's absolutely FREE and easy, and takes just 10-15 minutes a day
• You need these skills NOW to face whatever the new world of work springs on you
And the 30 Days To Land Your Dream Job Challenge holds the key to your success with find and land your dream job.
Take Action Right Now!

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